Versatility at Work

     Custom-Designed Products

At Chicago Heights Steel, versatility means being able to adapt to a wide variety of demands - it means giving our customers the flexibility to design products to suit their specific needs. Chicago Heights Steel provides that versatility. Our rail steel sections can be found in products from a broad spectrum of industries, from agriculture to construction, from transportation to various energy fields. Its versatility is limitless.

Diverse applications of our high carbon steel include:

  • Meter Posts
  • Rail Anchors
  • Truck Beds
  • Delineator Posts
  • Shelving Equipment and Lockers
  • Various Angles, Channels, Flats and Tees
  • Special Sections

These are just a few examples of industrial products which are taking advantage of rail steel's incredible qualities: the high-tensile strength for durability, the superior stiffness to resist distortions and deflections, the sufficient ductility to perform the most operations.

Manufacturers also appreciate rail steel's economic benefits. By using rail steel in their products, they are able to realize tremendous savings in production, inventory and shipping. Manufacturers know that if they need an order handled quickly and efficiently, they can turn to Chicago Heights Steel.


In the Heartland...
High carbon sections produced by Chicago Heights Steel can be found in a variety of products in the agricultural industry:

  • Seeding, Cultivating and Harvesting Implements
  • Heavy-Duty Fence Posts
  • Flanged U Braces

The high-tensile strength, toughness and lighter weight of rail steel make it the ideal material for many types of farm equipment and machinery. Rail Steel means savings in labor, fuel and equipment wear. It is a durable, long-lasting product that gets the job done. It means reliability in an industry that places tremendous demands on its tools. Rail Steel means versatility in today's agricultural industry.


In the Cities...
Our country was built on the strength of steel. For 90 years, Chicago Heights Steel has been a leading contributor of that strength. You'll find our high carbon rail steel sections in a number of products used by today's contruction industry.

Nothing's left to chance in the construction industry. All equipment and materials must be of the highest quality, able to withstand the most demanding load-limits and applications. That's why so many manufacturers have turned to rail steel. It's the one steel required to meet more rigid specifications, tested and inspected more exhaustively than any other steel product produced through the highest technical means.

The result?
High-tensile strength steel that can be welded, punched and sheared.

Lawn and Garden

Around America's Homes...
You'd be surprised to learn the many ways rail steel is used to make your home-life more convenient and enjoyable. Chicago Heights Steel's high carbon sections help produce a wide variety of useful and reliable lawn and garden products.

Rail Steel sections are noted for their high-tensile strength and toughness, yet they also give you the resiliency and workability to achieve most operations. That's why rail steel is also known as a versatile steel, one which serves everyday function and satisfies immeasurable needs for homeowners all across America.