Chicago Heights Steel

Steel. There is no other substance like it on earth. It is unmatched for durability, toughness, and tensile strength. It is manufactured to last forever.

  • Steel for punching, shearing, forming and welding
  • Steel tested and inspected to meet strict requirements
  • Steel manufactured quickly and economically

We are the Steel Specialists. We are the only special market mill in the United States that rolls billet and rail steel. But our specialization extends beyond our product range, in our commitment to our customers and their needs. We offer flexibility, versatility, and a turnaround time that our customers can depend on. That takes a team effort! We have the right team, with all the planning, skill, experience, and pride in our work to get your job done, on time, every time.

Discover the advantages of rail steel for yourself. Find out why so many industries turn to Chicago Heights Steel to deliver quality products.